Why You Shouldn’t Buy Fake Los Angeles Luxury Watches?

5 months ago

Fake watches are for fake people

This slogan about people and fake Los Angeles luxury watches was used in many campaigns that fought in favor of buying original merchandise. The imitation industry has grown exponentially in recent years and begins to put the original producers in real danger.

There are three types of people who want to have some type of luxury watch with a recognized brand around the wrist. One of them is the collector who really values ​​the mechanism, work and effort behind each piece. This individual is difficult to deceive, since one of his main concerns when buying a watch is precisely that it is original and has the manufacturer’s make.

The second type of person who wants a luxury watch acquires it simply and simply because of the status issue.They are people who, although they are willing to pay the value of an original, do not have as much knowledge about Los Angeles luxury watches and it is easier to deceive them with copies, so they may end up acquiring false Los Angeles luxury watches thinking that they are original and disbursing large amounts of money.

The third type of person is the one who wants to appear more money or status than they actually have by acquiring the copy of a watch that they can not afford in the original.

This tells us a lot about what kind of person we are facing, because in the first place a genuine person does not care to be someone who is not, let alone think that he will deceive everyone simply by wearing a watch that be a very expensive clone.

It is evident

The above leads to the following reason. If you are the third type of person in the previous list, do not think that you are going to fool anyone with the story that your watch is for real. Even though a clone may look identical to the original, there will surely be many other reasons that will make evident the fact that you can not afford such an expense.

Let’s say it is implausible that you have spent hundreds of dollars on a watch if you have not changed the car in several years, you have a lot of credit debts, or it just does not make sense that your monthly income gives you for expenses of that type. Unless you are a collector that truly has among your priorities to acquire special pieces and is willing to make financial sacrifices in this regard. No one will believe that your luxury watch is for real if the rest of your lifestyle is not congruent with that.

You could lose your reputation

Although there are truly identical replicas, the average clones have certain defects that make them can be detected quickly by a moderately trained person or who has seen an original watch of that same model up close. As soon as someone realizes that you have a fake watch, two things will go through your head; First of all, you are a naive who let himself be deceived in the best of cases, and in the worst case, that you are a false person who wants to pretend what he is not. Believe it or not, details like these make people lose jobs, opportunities and customers.

It will not last

An original Rolex luxury watches is a watch that will last literally your whole life. Moreover, your grandchildren are likely to inherit it and continue to use it.

There are Los Angeles luxury watches that are hundreds of years old and still functional. But the mechanism of a replica will hardly stay smooth for more than a year. Replica watches usually have a very short lifespan. This is because they are manufactured with very inferior quality materials, and therefore cost less.

A seller who sells you replicas has no argument in his favor so you think he is not cheating on you. So probably, even if I tell you that the quality is the same, you will realize that it is not like that in a very short time. What can you expect from a criminal who sells fake watches? Basically, is, in the mechanism, what is important, all replicas are basically garbage.

It is very simple to understand, if a replica followed exactly the same manufacturing process as an original, its costs would rise as much as those of the original, so it would not make any sense to make them. If you are going to make an investment, your only sure bet is an original watch.