Traveling In Germany: How To Get There Without Being Crazy?

1 week ago

Traveling in Germany can be a painful experience for those who have never been outside the English language or abroad. It doesn’t have to be like that. The misunderstanding of Americans in this country is unbelievable. When I told my family, my friends and others, I had a lot of reactions and emotions when I moved to this country. Most people think that I am crazy. I know very little about German, I have never lived in another country, and I have only traveled outside the United States and in Canada, England, Scotland and the British Virgin Islands.

I admit that I am a little nervous to go there (well, a lot). My email stopped working two days before I left, so it is almost impossible to contact my prospective boss to tell him when he arrived at the station. I know that I have to move to a very small town where English is not as much as Munich or other big cities. I know that many things can go wrong. My flight is from JFK International Airport to Dublin to Munich. I arrived at JFK Airport 8 hours in advance with a 50-pound suitcase and an 80-pound suitcase. Remember these things.

I strongly prove that even if everything goes wrong, it is possible to cross the airport, the train station, and no English signs. The flight from flightnetwork is as smooth as possible. Dublin’s JKF is great, with three seats and no turmoil. I spent most of my six hours flying in these seats and got up in time as the plane flew over the UK to see the most incredible sunset. I am not sure how much this has changed. My advice is to take Aer Lingus because it is very cheap, especially if you book a considerable amount in advance, if you can sleep on the plane and drink some water (obviously).

After arriving in Dublin, he passed away without any accident. I arrived at 5 or 6 in the morning, and I quickly passed the security guard, one hour ahead of my next flight. Dublin took me directly to Munich. The flight from flightnetwork was completed, when I started listening to less English and foreigners. The hostess first started publishing the announcement in German. I began to worry about how I would spend the rest of the day, because I still had to go to the station, go to Ulm, a town about 20 minutes Urspring, where the city I will live and the customs go well, better than I thought. many. Technically, I should have a visa to enter the country, but I don’t have time to get it in advance. I entered the country as a tourist and made sure to book a return flight (I won’t use it) saying I just visited.

I should have documents showing that I have enough money to pay for my travels. I don’t have this document and I don’t have enough money because I have been away for a long time. I did it. In case, just in case, I received a letter from the boss, who wrote that when he arrived, he would have a place to stay and other things. In the end, I found nothing. I showed my passport to the customs officer, he stamped and told him that he had a good day. Once every 45 seconds. If I want to give advice to others, I will say that they only have paperwork. It is much less stressful. Online viewing is easy to find.

My next major challenge is the train system. Do you remember what I told you to remember? I have a total of 120 pounds of luggage, and I travel completely alone. I don’t know if my boss will wait for me at Ulm. I don’t know anything now. Fortunately, the station is at the airport, so there is no problem there. When I told him I wanted to go to Ulm, he asked me what brand I wanted. I chose the cheapest, this is a very stupid idea. The trip took a few hours and I had to change train three times. I was tired of sleeping on the plane for 4 hours the day before, and the 120 pounds were heavy. I have experienced Passau.

Passau is located 60 miles east of Munich. I may live 40 miles west of Munich. This paired with the slower regional train I took was hell. I have been asleep, and the person checking the entrance has to wake me up many times. At several stations, I had to go from platform 1 to platform 9 in three minutes, which is almost impossible to bring with luggage.

There are only stairs below the pier. In order to increase the pressure, some stations do not have English signs like airports. I am so tired and so nervous that I can hardly move my luggage to the train. In fact, I couldn’t lift my luggage at all. Every time I have someone to help me, but I am very close every time. At a station where I had to go up and down the stairs, this very nice person didn’t speak English and offered to help me with my luggage. I must look terrible, make sure I am not suitable for carrying luggage. He is a heavy guy, and for the first time I hinted that Germany would be a good place. At this point, I can come across a very basic German. I showed my ticket to the man. I said something in the confused German. I grabbed the heaviest bag and took me to the right place. Then I thanked many gods. In order to shorten this long story, I managed to reach Ulm one by one, but almost nothing. Read more about flightnetwork