The Hammer Of Thor

1 week ago

The hammer of Thor or “Mjolnir” is a very feared weapon, according to Norse mythology. In them it is related that it is used to defeat all those who challenge the supremacy of the Aesir. One of the most popular myths about its origin is the story that the dwarves Sindri and Brok forged and gave to Thor as part of a bet that the god Loki made them.

Mjolnir has the meaning “eldemoledor” and alludes to the ability to pulverize the hammer as a tool.

The hammer of Thor is the most feared weapon of all that make up the arsenal of the gods and is effectively used to eliminate anyone who attempts to undermine the supremacy of the Æsir. Thor’s hammer mjolnir was capable of tearing down giants and mountains with a single blow.

The Nordic gods were as powerful as the tools and weapons they possessed, so the hammer of Thor is an archetype or crucial and important symbol for the survival of the Norse and their customs. The god Thor without his hammer, could not have maintained the cosmic balance and been constantly threatened by the giants, by the serpent of the world and by the imprudent gods.

Although Thor possessed several formidable magical objects, such as his chariot, his power belt and iron gloves to lift the hammer, the hammer is his favorite tool, and is part of many of his adventures.

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The hammer of Thor provides the protection of the god Thor. Its magical power resides in its geometric form that makes positive energy flow to those who carry it. Protect from all evil. As an amulet, Thor’s Hammer has properties to strengthen male virility.

Small hammers used as amulets in the form of pendants or necklace existed in centuries before the age of the Vikings, but they had at this time, an increase in popularity among these people who carried them in a common way when Christianity came to north Europe. The converts to Christianity (the “new form”, the “new faith”, the “revealed god” or “the white Christ” as it is said in many texts), used small crucifixes to mark their new faith. But in the beginning they were so similar to very archaic forms of the hammer, that it was hard to know if the one that carried them was of one or another creed, or if it really was a true convert. Those who chose not to abandon the religion of Odin, Thor and Freya (the “Old Way” ) used hammer amulets to express loyalty to the faith of their ancestors. Once again, the hammer is used as a symbol of Thor’s protection, in this case, the protection of his followers against the invasion of the new religion. In addition, it is again a symbol of the community. Not a few paid with their life carrying the hammer or refusing to get rid of it, there is even talk of attacks on some Christian cemeteries in the prospectors of the Viking era, the stones were smashed with wooden mallets  a story in Iceland says how the rough mallet was left intentionally in the place of events, perhaps as a challenge of the last followers of the old religion to the invaders who imposed their new creed by force.

Today, at present, there is no shortage of pagans who use amulets with the hammer of Thor or directly those who sculpt their ancestral symbol on their tombstones and are consciously evidencing that they continue the ancient use of this powerful amulet as much for the sacred protection of their place of worship. rest as to signify their belonging to the modern resurrection of the Nordic cults. The symbolic thread and the recovery of the hammer is something that is becoming stronger and stronger throughout all times and places and the pagan people adopt it as the most visible symbol of the Nordic pagan creeds, giving its use a revindicative sense of its ancentral character within the community. By using Thor’s hammer, the one who carries it, is the one who declares that he is part of a specific pagan community.