Restaurant Marketing How To Get And Keep The Best Customers?

2 months ago

Is your restaurant seat full or empty? Is there a waiting list? Are you refusing to keep because of fullness?

If your menu is attractive and your place is elegant, it doesn’t matter: if you don’t fill your seat, your source of income will not meet your expectations. The answer is to create a solid restaurant marketing plan.

The goal of any restaurant marketing program is to attract new customers. In addition, once you have a customer, it is equally important to bring them back and forth again and again. A successful restaurant marketing program includes several elements: online presence, rewards programs, excellent customer service and communication with customers. Make sure your marketing plan contains all the elements of the checklist:

Website: In today’s highly competitive market, websites are a necessity rather than a luxury. Consumers need a preview before visiting a new restaurant. Create an engaging website that tells your story through menu updates, promotions, satisfaction with customer recommendations and fun people photos to keep the content fresh. Your website should be an invitation to visit your restaurant. Be sure to display your location, phone number and hours of operation on as many pages as possible.

Social networks: People use social networks as a means of greedy communication. This does not mean that you must use all available multimedia tools, but the presence on the most popular websites will provide a way to stay online and stay in touch with your customers. Facebook continues to grow rapidly, so this may be a good choice. The trick to social networking (like your website) is to keep content up to date.

Mobile marketing: Restaurant customers often make choices. Make sure your school is a viable option for you. Foursquare and Yelp are two popular choices. Encourage them to register with your restaurant using coupons or other rewards.

Invite the media: Restaurant reviews are free ads. Invite food critics, food bloggers and newspaper editors to come to your restaurant for a gourmet meal. Be prepared for your visit and make sure they have a good experience. A good criticism is very fast, especially if it becomes a virus.

Reward Program: Give your customers reason to come back again and again. Create a simple rewards program that offers discounts and Wolt Rabattkod to regulars. The tracking system can be as simple as a punch card that records the number of visits. After a few visits, you can dine for free or enjoy a percentage discount on your next check (Wolt Rabattkod 2018).

Face time: Guests like restaurants that can interact with the owners. Spend time welcoming and welcoming guests at the restaurant door. Learn about regular names and favorite menu items. For those who dine regularly, please thank them for their sponsorship, including appetizers, desserts or free drinks. Shop owners can be the most valuable marketing tool for the entire planned restaurant.

Customer Comment: If customers have a good restaurant experience, ask them to write a review online. TripAdvisor is a popular website that accepts advice and courses based on local expertise. A successful campaign with your customers can trigger your assessment.

Be a good neighbor: a prosperous community benefits everyone. Work with other local businesses to attract customers to your restaurant. In return, direct them to your customers.

Create a database: When you get a new customer, you want to maintain it. Collecting contact information is easy. Prepare an aquarium or decorative container where customers can place business cards for free meals. Hold the competition and ask the customer to fill out the coupon with contact information to participate in the competition. When collecting contact information, create a database. By email, you can easily stay in touch with your customers.