Obstacles Encountered In Cybernetics Applications

1 week ago

The online community is cruel and ruthless, and no one has the wrong room. Once he made a mistake in good faith, he was immediately nailed to the cross. Due to this general attitude of many people in the social group, people have reached unfair and unreasonable conclusions. Most of the participants in these communities are accustomed to this behavior and do not bother them too much. Most of these opinions often cause unnecessary embarrassment, commentators, what you deserve, because you must take the consequences of your actions and speak loudly without thinking. Where am I going? What does this have to do with combating cybercrime?

Let me use an example to illustrate: When a large company such as Microsoft has security (cyber security courses) risks, due to the negligence of Internet Explorer users, it is certain that pressing (including community online) will throw you a big stone. This answer is reasonable because the safety of innocent users is threatened by respect for the negligence of the organization. However, when Microsoft commented, some people misunderstood this comment and did not pose a security (cyber security courses) threat because of poor wording. Why did they be nailed to the cross? Microsoft is making mistakes by people and people. If the community wants to promote and praise something, then find something worth releasing and don’t waste time on things that can be forgiven. Companies must waste valuable resources to fight out the fire caused by this overreaction, rather than using these resources to improve product safety. No, I am not a prophet of Microsoft. I only use them as an example.

The study of spam and determining the origin of scams is not as simple as tracking IP addresses. Most people think so, but that’s because they never really try to find spammers themselves after receiving spam. Forging email headers is very easy, which makes it almost impossible to find the actual sender of the email. Even if the title is not manipulated, you will not know if it is identity theft. Computer criminals crack email accounts, hijack websites and use them as innocent victims. This allows them to be undetectable when switching from one account to another. Judicial restrictions prevent federal agencies from going from one country to prosecuting crimes that are linked to other crimes, not to mention crime.

Abuse services by hosting companies and service providers are flooded with daily reports of spam and web abuse, and they are unable to respond individually to each spam report. Obviously, this gives the impression that they have not really dealt with criminals. Of course, some companies seem to have abused services, but this is just a way to convince people that they are taking action on spammers. This makes people not report cybercrime and allows cybercriminals to run efficiently outside without being caught.

People despise cybercrime, and cyber crime is seen as a crime committed in another way. This is a dimension that is not subject to law. Cybercrime is like any other crime committed in the normal world, the only difference being the method of investigation. Cybercriminals are real life criminals and should never be underestimated. There is no difference in the fact that they operate behind a computer screen. Law enforcement agencies did not really care about the stolen people for a few dollars, they just continued to blow. Unfortunately, this is how most fraudsters work. They stole a few victims, they stole some from another victim, they stole hundreds of helpless victims, and they spent thousands of dollars. If everyone starts reporting to the local police, law enforcement agencies will take this crime more seriously. Sooner or later, they will realize what must be done. Many police departments also do not have the ability to effectively manage digital evidence, and many police officers do not have enough skills to properly investigate cybercrime.

Cybercrime is very unstable and cannot always be solved using traditional methods. Therefore, I appeal to the online community not to question the unconventional methods of cybercrime investigators. At least they are taking steps to deal with epidemics that many influential and powerful organizations ignore.