How to Build Muscle and Gain Weight Without Steroids?

2 months ago

I don’t know about the ethical, legal, and ethical issues of steroids. I am writing this article to open your eyes, with a new powerful perspective, a bodybuilding epiphany that will allow you to safely increase weight and muscle. I will use the tree analogy in a flash, but I will first understand some bad news. Genetics plays an important role in our ultimate physical development, which is a scientific fact. Of course, the environment is also important. Although psychological development is a suspicious subject between genetics and the environment, physical potential is largely genetic. According to your parents, your strength is limited.

Take Arnold Schwarzenegger as an example. The 19-year-old Arnold is already as big as a house. Arnold’s father is a tall man with a bucket on his chest and his sister is perfect for women. Everyone has a common thick bone and unusual height. This obviously makes Arnold a genetic advantage over a skinny guy because he is twice as big and hasn’t trained much! Everyone has a different genetic limit. Many scientists believe that ordinary people are likely to triple his initial strength. If I was a skinny guy at the age of 16, who could do the biggest bench press at 140 pounds, I could reach up to 420 pounds if I worked hard for many years. In the same way, if I were Arnold, I could accumulate 225 pounds. 16 years old, one day, I can draw 675.

Of course, we are talking about absolute restrictions here and everything works well. To achieve this goal, few people gain maximum genetic potential because of injuries, poor training, poor eating habits or lack of desire. (steroids Canada) So, what does all this have to do with weight gain and muscle? Imagine your body is a tree. Steroids will make you stronger, but trees will only get very high. No matter how many types of sterols you invest, trees have a higher genetic potential. Some increase faster, depending on the type and amount of steroids, but never more.

Once you reach the upper limit of this tree, no matter how powerful the anabolic steroids are, if you start to become extremely thin, you will no longer be Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not just Miss Piggy, he will look like Raquel Welch. Your body has a ceiling, just like a tree. I am just here to tell the truth. For those of you young people, especially those who are not familiar with fitness, don’t try to take steroids as a way to increase muscle and weight. Please pay attention to the role of genetics in your opinion.

Few people have the qualities they need to become a bodybuilder champion. You must be born with the right proportions to get superior leverage, special muscle fibers, proper muscle length, etc. Training cannot change this. Don’t kill the horse, but I mean you won’t put your health at risk if you have been cringing 90 pounds. Of course, you can increase your power by three times with proper training and well above average. Maybe win a local bodybuilding competition. But you can’t beat genetics. Clint Eastwood will say: A person must know his limits.

For those who can press 300 pounds. In high school, there is no problem and there seems to be good inheritance, and it will still prevent you from taking the risk of using the harmful effects of anabolic steroids. Although most bodybuilders seem to recover from the negative side effects of stopping the use of steroids, there have been no studies on long-term effects. If I have a disease that steroids can improve, I will say, keep going. But don’t think of yourself as a laboratory monkey, just to do what you can do with natural exercise. You can try different steroids, but no matter how fast you ride, you will always surpass yourself. Let me now talk about steroid scientists. I realize that this may be a bit dry, but I want the reader to have a good understanding of how steroids work. So, now that the padding is complete, let’s start from scratch.

Steroids are a dead end solution

If a person consumes drugs, then side effects should be minimized. All doctors will tell you that the most effective way to use drugs is to make the most of them. It is difficult to reduce unwanted side effects in buttermilk. Metabolism is the production, maintenance and destruction of tissues and energy. The process of construction (myotropics) is called anabolism. The rupture process is called catabolism. For our purposes, the role of anabolic steroids is in the synthesis of proteins involved in muscle growth and repair.

Hormones are regulatory chemicals produced by various organs, glands or tissues. Hormones coordinate growth, tissue repair, reproductive cycles, and other physical and psychological processes. Testosterone is a male hormone that has two main functions: 1. Androgen – stimulates the development and maintenance of male secondary sexual characteristics (facial hair, deep sounds, fat distribution and other male characteristics) and 2. anabolism: development and maintenance of the largest male muscle tissue.

Thus, the term anabolic steroid is a synthetic compound. This mimics the effects of anabolism. And minimize the androgen effect. The anabolic-androgenic relationship is achieved by playing with testosterone hydrocarbon molecules. Called the treatment index. There are few reliable studies showing that the drug treatment index calculated through animal studies is suitable for humans! Even with the presence of human surfaces, factors such as diet, training, variable doses, and drug administration, as well as the most important genetic responses to drugs, make the usefulness of these indicators ineffective.