Bounce House or Bouncy Castles Business

2 months ago

We recommend that you purchase your castle from Moonwalk Rentals from a reputable manufacturer. Your new bouncing castle (bounce house rentals cave creek az) must have a minimum of one year warranty. Make sure the castle price includes a small repair kit. Don’t buy a second-hand inflatable boat for your business unless you have a lot of experience and know how to look for things like sewing.

Only rent to a family at home or in a local room. In this way, you can reduce the risk of problems and you know that the games in the castle will have enough adult supervision. Avoid renting at parties or community groups as this will greatly increase the likelihood of errors. There is less supervision of these activities and your company may regret the booking.

The Irish Castle Rental Company is busy every Saturday. The reason is that this is the first month for an 8-year-old child to attend the Holy Communion. This is a very important thing for children and his family.

The usual way to celebrate is to celebrate the family, whose parents and family are bringing friends for lunch. Later that day, the party continued in the child’s home. The traditional practice was to rent a bouncy castle to entertain the children.

Usually, parents must sign a contract with the castle (bounce house rentals cave creek az) before December to avoid disappointment. Parents who have their first child to attend the Holy Communion often don’t realize that this is history, and sometimes they may not be able to hire them. They will not make the same mistake when recruiting children.

The disappointed parents are advised to rent the castle on Sunday. Resist the temptation to raise prices now. Customers will remember to pay more than the odds. They will no longer use your business and will not recommend it to others. When making a phone reservation for your business, you must verify that the side access to the backyard is adequate. Believe me, there is nothing worse than trying to make a lunar walk at a customer.

Tenants will not cancel the reservation. The first thing they have to do after hiring you is to inform your child that they have already booked. Then they won’t turn around and cancel the day.

Do not get money in advance unless you pay by check. Allow two weeks to clear the check. Guarantee to the tenant that there is no cancellation fee. According to our experience, the only way to cancel the rent is to rain.

At the beginning of our event, we kept reviewing the weather forecast and providing advice to our customers. We stopped doing this after we called by phone to inform the customer that the weather forecast was very bad and he wanted to cancel the free castle rental without paying her. He asked if we refused to deliver the bouncy castle, completely losing its purpose and our good intentions. We offer bouncy castles. During the day, there is no rain, and they rarely use the rent of the bouncy castle. When I came back, she said she should listen, and now she understands that we have thought of her best interests. If she wants to cancel the rental of the bouncy castle, let her rely entirely on her. You can even add a page to our castle rental site like us, and potential customers can check the weather forecast for the next eight days.

We recommend that you always place the bouncy castle in the tenant’s yard. This gives you more control over who uses the device and, from your point of view, this limits the likelihood that people outside the group will climb into the bouncy castle unit. When you arrive at the party, ask the tenant where you want to place the bouncy castle. Make sure the area is covered with lawn and large enough to accommodate a bouncy castle.