Advantages Of Using Instagram For Companies And Professionals.

2 months ago

I signed up with Instagram at the beginning, but after a while I unsubscribed. It just did not give me much. Maybe it was a bad focus of mine, but I spent time looking at pictures until I found one that I liked. It really seemed like a waste of time. So I gave up.

Seeing his evolution and success a few months ago, I thought that, as an online marketing professional, I should be present. So in February of 2018 I went back to register .

How Has Instagram Evolved Since Its Inception?

In this time I have noticed several important changes. Beyond the evolution of the platform itself, my experience is different.

The positive part is that on a personal level I find it quite more entertaining than a few years ago. Its rise to the detriment of Facebook, has made many people go on to tell the highlights of their day to day in this network. So, combining friends, family and close professionals, I have a pretty entertaining timeline .

As a professional I think an excellent tool to present the highlights of companies and individuals, with a closer focus.

This, which I understand is the initial focus, seems fantastic to me. At least on the Internet, each time we read less. We have so much to consult, that we just scan one content and move on to the next. For this reason, among others, it seems to me that social networks like Instagram (buy instagram followers real) or Pinterest are very interesting.

How Real Is What Happens On Instagram?

But the problem is when you go a little further and start to interpret the data of some profiles, to do some experiment with hashtags , to publish more frequently, etc. Your account starts to grow and you start to see the negative part .

I do not get into how real the activities of certain supposed  influencers may be , that would be for another article and I think a lot has already been written on the subject.

What I have found is a situation similar to the one that finally caused the Twitter crisis : false followers, bots , swollen accounts with thousands of followers and just a few dozen publications, automatic comments in different languages ​​…

Instagram has noticed and is already making decisions to solve it by eliminating false followers and likes. Hopefully they arrive on time and clean up the network. The reality is that the followers and real likes , added to all the noise generated by the automated and false, generate a positive image in the social profiles. We see that volume and we directly think “it has to be someone important! ” But everything that glitters is not gold.

How To Know If An Instagram Account Is Really Influential?

How can we know if everything we see happening on an Instagram (buy instagram followers real) account is real? When I say real, I mean human followers who follow, make likes and comments in the publications of a profile.

The fastest way is to use tools like Hype Auditor , in which they show you a report (they send you the link to your email) with the main data. I have done a test with the profile of Cristiano Ronaldo and it turns out that of the 146.7 mill. of followers that you have, 43.2 million are suspicious accounts or accounts that use follow / unfollow tools (they follow you and when you follow them they stop following you, thus increasing their numbers), they do not see the publications.

And that the audience of Cristiano Ronaldo (according to this tool), has a good health (relationship between real and automated followers). Imagine how those who are in a bad situation should be.